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Looking to contribute to the Wiki?

Request access at To be able to edit and add content, please sign in at the bottom of this page.

Want to stay in the loop with product updates?

Have a look at our product changelog here:

This feed provides updates about both new features and also any issues with the platform. We recommend subscribing to the feed (or monitoring it in a slack channel) to keep up to date. You can also check us out on Twitter at

Wishing for a new or updated project feature?

Email Anyone can submit an idea/wish to the product development team. It is powered by Trello and it is a public board so anyone can read it, and if they have trello account, can also vote on wishes (so, if you find the one you want to submit is already there, just vote for it to push it to the front of the line!)

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For our friends from Europe please email

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For our friends from Asia please email

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