GoodData extractor downloads GoodData reports via REST API and stores them into Storage API.

Extractor configuration

Configuration is stored in Storage API in a SYS stage bucket sys.c-ex-gooddata
Every table in this bucket contains rows representing reports registered for import.

Please note! 
This extractor is closely tied to GoodData writer. To use this extractor you have to set up the writer in your KBC project first. Also extractor is only capable of downloading reports from GD projects registered within writers in your KBC project.

SYS Table attributes

  • id - Account ID
  • accountName - Account Name
  • name - Table Name
  • description - Description
  • outputBucket - overrides default output bucket for this account

SYS Table content

Table stores basic information about reports.

  • id - GoodData report id
  • pid - GoodData Project ID where the report resides
  • title - Report title
  • uri - Report uri


For each GoodData account registered within this extractor, there is one IN stage bucket, which stores downloaded reports. Table in this bucket represents one report.
Bucket name derivation is analogic to configuration tables i.e. in.ex-gooddata-MyAccount. You can override this behaviour by specifing id of the output bucket in attribute outputBucket.
Report tables are named like report-123456 where 123456 is report's id.


Every request needs Storage API token to be set in header X-StorageApi-Token.




  • account - only import reports for specified account

    { "account": "my_account_id" }