This extractor is for fetching data from Recurly REST API
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  • requires X-StorageApi-Token header with Storage API access token

Params specified as JSON data

  • accounts (optional) - Comma separated list of accounts. Data extraction will run only for these accounts.

Storage API structure

  • in.c-ex-recurly-RECURLY_ACCOUNT_NAME - Storage bucket for data from extractor. WhereRECURLY_ACCOUNT_NAME is name of table (account) in configuration bucket
  • sys.c-ex-recurly - Configuration bucket for Recurly Extractor


Configuration for the Recurly Extractor must be stored in sys.c-ex-recurly bucket.
Each table in bucket represents one Recurly account and settings for its data extraction.

Table must contains these attributes:
subdomain - account subdomain
apiKey - account apiKey for access to Recurly REST API

Table data must contain these columns:

  • query - API call query

    • supported API calls:

      • Accounts
      • Adjustments
      • Billing Info
      • Coupons
      • Invoices
      • Plans
      • Subscriptions
      • Transactions
    • placeholders

      • {table.column} will be replaced with column value of table in Storage Api. Api call will iterate for each record in source table
  • table - name of target data table in storage bucket
  • columns - definition of columns to save (comma separated)
    You can also concate more columns together, by using "+" operator. Resulting column name will contains source column names, separated by "_"
    If you specify column name with placeholer, value of the column will be taken from API call query. Placeholders in API query and columns definition must be same.

  • primaryColumn - (optional) - name of primary column in target table

  • incremental - (true/false) - specifiy if data import is incremental or not