This extractor is for fetching data from Google Youtube Analytics API
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  • requires X-StorageApi-Token header with Storage API access token

Params specified as JSON data

  • since (optional) - Date/time string (default now - 3 days)
  • until (optional) - Date/time string (default now)
    If one of date params is not specified, it will be computed as 3 days ago/before second param.
  • accounts (optional) - Comma separated list of accounts. Data extraction will run only for these accounts.

Storage API structure

  • in.c-ex-youtube-YOUTUBE_ACCOUNT_NAME - Storage bucket for data from extractor. WhereYOUTUBE_ACCOUNT_NAME is name of table (account) in configuration bucket
  • sys.c-ex-youtube - Configuration bucket for Youtube Extractor


Configuration for the Yotube Extractor must be stored in sys.c-ex-youtube bucket.
Each table in bucket represents one Yotube account and settings for its data extraction.

Table must contains these attributes:
accessToken - token for Google API (For setup your account contact:
refreshToken - token for Google API (For setup your account contact:

Table data must contain these columns:

  • type - type of API call

  • channelId - ID of Youtube channel (UCXXXXXXXXXXXX string)

    • placeholders

      • {table.column} will be replaced with column value of table in Storage Api. Api call will iterate for each record in source table
  • dimensions - required dimension of report
  • metrics - comma sepparated list of required report metrics (required dimension of report
  • table - name of target data table in storage bucket
  • columns - definition of columns to save (comma separated)
    You can also concate more columns together, by using "+" operator. Resulting column name will contains source column names, separated by "_"
    If you specify column name with placeholer, value of the column will be taken from API call query. Placeholders in API query and columns definition must be same.


    If you want to save ID of Youtube channel, use {channelId} placeholder

  • primaryColumn - (optional) - name of primary column in target table
  • incremental - (true/false) - specifiy if data import is incremental or not