Generic REST Extractor

Create New Config

Generic Extractor is able to pull data out of almost any SaaS application by employing its REST API. You can enjoy this versatile component in Keboola Connection by adding "Generic Extractor" from "Extractors" menu:

After adding this component to your project, you have to name its configuration. You can choose whatever name of configuration you want, "My Cloud App 01" is just an example:

Once you create Extractor configuration, you can see very minimalistic UI. 

At this early stage phase, it quite hard to construct valid configuration from scratch. We can promise that you'll be able to find out more and more templates! Extractor UI will be also better and better, suggesting you most common options and helping you to operate with this component as much as possible.

For now, please refer to the "Sample Configurations" under this page. If you build something new, please share it with us - we'll add it here for others to use, granting you the bragging rights.

Created configuration should be now listed in your extractors.

Go to the configuration and paste Paymo extractor defininion into configuration data and save the configuration.

Don't forget to replace PASTE_TOKEN_HERE by your Paymo API token.

This configuration describes Paymo API for generic extractor. Read more about configuration definition format.

Run the extractor

Click the run button on the configuration page and go to extractor job.