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Partner onboarding best practices: 
by Tomáš Ferko ( 

  • Prerequisities:

  • knowledge of MySQL is a must, aws redshift is an advantage

  • Keboola Academy - Business User One Star (at least)

  • watch the kbc intro by Jan Tichý :

  • regular POC best practices apply but need to be put into practice even more diligently as the amount of involved parties is higher than usual

  • the analyst needs to take initiative, moderate and monitor the scoping closely

  • steer the deal towards data sources that require no paperwork for us in order to work with them (adwords is particularly ill suited for this kind of scenario)

  • as in usual cases prevent the client from misusing the POC process and boil the requirements down to one or two business problems that should be solvable with the available data sources agreed upon with the client

  • the explanation parts inherent to the POC process will be doubled as the analyst is not only helping the end-client to pivot towards a more data-driven view of their business but is actually coaching the partner in the use of KBC and GD - do not underestimate the scope.

  • therefore it's is advised that the end-client should have an agile IT department or designated person that is literate in the field

  • the partner should be present in person in KB offices during the implementation process if possible and work alongside the keboola analyst, can be also be done in weekly sprint intervals

  • the partner is encouraged to provide comments and feedback on the workings of the KBC UI and other components as this is also an oportunity for Keboola to fine tune our tools to better serve our clients and partners. systematic notes in a shared google doc are encouraged. this will be handed over to the product team.  

  • as the amount of invested parties is increase an agile project management tool should be used. the onboarding process should employ Trello boards under Keboola organisation

  • the primary objective of the analyst during this process should be to support and coach the future partner in the use of our solution and environment and should deal with the end client minimally - for this do run smoothly the roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined from the start

  • the future partner should have a stake in the whole process to provide clear incentive for the POC to end successfully in order to prevent the reduction of his role to a purely observational one

  • it is the responsibility of the keboola analyst to provide status of the project and alert all parties should the client or partner become unresponsive