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Get the CSV which is processed by GD

Sometimes it can happen that you're sending demo data to GD and in GD you'll find out that those data don't match with the table in OUT bucket.

To see which CSV is really processed by GD (to determine on which site is the problem), follow these steps:
  1. go to
  2. insert Username and Password which you can find in SAPI in writer's bucket info (see the screenshot below)
  3. find (usually) the latest upload to GD (max Last modified), go to that folder and download the CSV of your table
    1. if you have a higher traffic, it can be tricky to find specific file; in that case, find "loadData" job in GoodData Writer Job queue ({PID}/gooddata/?config={writerName}#/jobs) and go to "job detail" by clicking on the right icon:

    2. in job detail, click to "Log":

    3. in the detailed log, find API event "Csv file transferred to WebDav" and click on this row:

    4. in parameters section, you can grab specific URL. Take care that GoodData's webdav is periodically purged, so older files can't be there forever :)

Note: every folder contains just one table, so if you won't find it in the last one, go through the others