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Partial Import / Export


Copy the “object path” of the dashboard you want to copy.|projectDashboardPage|/gdc/md/opqrt9935vl282rci49sbto765xyf2/obj/20580|

Then go to the project’s gray pages:|projectDashboardPage|/gdc/md/opqrt9935vl282rci49sbto765xyf2/obj/20580|

Go to the “maintenance” link, then go to the “partial export” link.

Enter the “object path” from earlier and submit.  Copy the “token code”, without the quote symbols.

Go to the new project that you want the dashboard imported into.  Go into the project’s gray pages same as above.  Go to the “maintenance” link, then go to the “partial import” link and enter the “token code”.  Submit it.  Follow the url path to check the status that the result is “OK”

Also another reference: