Calculated Attributes

Calculated attributes allow (with some limitations) things like bucketing, calculating status, converting numeric values into attributes for slicing etc. Going forward this should be preferred method to using metric and numeric format (we've done that for things like status, sentiment...) as it behaves better and should be faster, too.

Here is initial release from GoodData, but before that, super important findings:

  • When you need to delete a calculated attribute, it's not enough to do that from the manage/attributes screen. It actually breaks the LDM API. What you need to do is to go to manage/datasets (each calculated attribute will have a dataset created for it) and delete it there.
  • It doesn't seem to work with metrics that take NULL values. Even ifnull did not fool it. You just loose those values :(.
  • The attribute seems to be calculated once, on the top level. So, if you use calculated attribute in report, the values don't change based on filters. If that's the case, it's rather retarded. (update on Oct. 29 - GD says this behaviour is a bug and they're addressing it. Update is that the fix should be released as 102, which is November 29)