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Assign MUF and Send Invitation to GD with POSTMAN Chrome Extension


You can learn how to create the MUF and assign it to the GD user in previous guides:

But that's a bit tricky, regarding the security, when the user isn't member of the project yet. Imagine you have some security prepared (your filters are already created), but by the Assign guide mentioned above you must wait until the user is a member of the project and then assign filter to him. But before you'll assign the filter, there could be a significantly long period of time when user has access to all the data in GD project.
You can prevent this by using following API call, which will:
  1. Create the GD User
  2. Assign MUF to him
  3. Send invitation to GD project to his email
Similar to other Postman guides, you need to fill the variables.
New ones are:
  • Email - email where the invitation will be send and which the user will be using for logging in to GD
  • Role ID - defines the user role (Admin - 2, Editor - 5, Viewer - 4). You can find those roles and their IDs in Grey Pages
  • Message - you can define the piece of invitation email, so it fits your needs better
After clicking Send the User will get the invitation in his/her mailbox and after he will log in to GD, he will have his rights already set, so he won't access any data he's not supposed to see.

   "invitations": [
           "invitation": {
               "content": {
                   "email": "NEW.USER@EXAMPLE.COM",
                   "userFilters": [
                   "role": "/gdc/projects/GD-PROJECT-ID/roles/ROLE-ID",
                   "action": {
                       "setMessage": "Hi, welcome to the GoodData!"