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Assign MUF with POSTMAN Chrome Extension


This guide follows the one about creating the Manadatory User Filter: Create MUF with POSTMAN Chrome Extension

When you have your UserFilter created, you just need it's Object ID and the ID of GD user you want to assign the UserFilter to.
You can find both in GD Grey Pages (to access Grey Pages, follow either this GD guide, or use GoodData Extension Tool by selecting Proj from the bar):
  • UserFilter Object ID - Go to Metadata->Query->UserFilters. When you click on the name of your filter, you can find the Object ID in the address bar of your browser.
  • GD User ID - Go to Users. Find the user you want to add the filter to. You can find the ID in many rows. For exmaple: "self" : "/gdc/account/profile/GD-USER-ID"
 Then place the values in the POSTMAN as you've learned in the previous guide.

When everything works fine, you'll get Status 200 OK and similar output as in the previous guide.

    "userFilters": {
        "items": [
                "user": "/gdc/account/profile/GD-USER-ID",
                "userFilters": [