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Create MUF with POSTMAN Chrome Extension


You can easily create Mandatory User Filters by using POSTMAN extension for Chrome.

You can get the extension here.

Open your POSTMAN app and place there the following values as you can see on the screenshot below (all underlined objects are variables, which are changing depending on your project and attributes/values you want to filter):
  • Choose POST method
  • Enter the Request URL
  • Fill in the Header and Value as you can see on the screenshot
  • Fill in you GD PROJECT ID
  • Fill in the ATTRIBUTE OBJECT ID and OBJECT ID of it's VALUE (you can very easily get the whole expression, including the Project ID, by following this guide: Find GoodData Object ID)
  • Name your filter and click SEND

When everything went ok, you should see the following output in the Preview (URI to the new UserFilter object and especially it's Object ID, which will come handy when assigning filter to the GD user).

    "userFilter": {
        "content": {
            "expression": "[/gdc/md/GD-PROJECT-ID/obj/ATTRIBUTE-OBJECT-ID]=[/gdc/md/GD-PROJECT-ID/obj/ATTRIBUTE-OBJECT-ID/elements?id=ATTRIBUTE-VALUE-OBJECT-ID]"
        "meta": {
            "category": "userFilter",
            "title": "NAME-OF-MY-FILTER"