Right to Left GD Charts

by martin.matejka@keboola.com

Maybe you know those fancy charts from GD Demo projects, where the bar charts are displayed from roght to left or from the center to both sides.
Thanks to our friends from GoodData (specifically Daryna this time), we can show you a little guide how to create such reports.

Step 1. The trick is to multiply the metric by "-1" like in the metric here:

Step 2. Metric formatting:

What is negative should be shown as positive.

Step 3. Setting up axis limit:

For the graph containing both negative a positive metrics in order to keep them symmetric from 0 axis for the layout like that:

The values should be set this way:

In case if you want to have only the graph with one metric justified by right side:

You can use either the same min and max values, or make max=0.